WordPress Meetup September 18, 2013

Take Your Run-of-the-Mill, Ho Hum SEO to the Next Level

See Ho-hum SEO presenter notes on Kathy’s website.

There are only 10 spots on the first page of Google with possibly thousands competing to be there for the same keywords you are. And most of those now know and are applying SEO basics in their attempts to reign supreme. So how do you do SEO better than they are? Or is that what you even need? Just how do you get Google’s blessing for that coveted #1 position? What used to work last year doesn’t anymore, not only because Google changes constantly, but so do your competitors. They’re getting smarter when it comes to internet marketing, and if you’re not, you could be in trouble. This presentation will get you back on track and into position so that Google stands up and takes notice.

You’ll learn:

  1. The run-of-the-mill on-site SEO that is everyone is still doing but you still need
  2. How to rev up the run-of-the-mill SEO from ho hum to stupendous using Yoast’s SEO plugin
  3. How to add some additional signals Google is hungry for but many overlook using schema code
  4. The most obvious and most overlooked SEO tactic that everyone is forgetting but can make the biggest difference in improving your Google rank

Kathy Long will be your presenter. She’s been building websites since 1995 and SEO when all that meant was submitting your website to a directory. She is a passionate SEO who spends most of her waking hours honing her craft, and has garnered a couple of national recognitions in the field. She is also so accomplished at what she does that most of her clients require no additional SEO after their websites are launched because of the on-site optimization techniques she uses. She enjoys sharing and empowering business owners and will be teaching some of the techniques she uses herself.