WordPress Meetup Sept 19, 2012

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Our meeting included video provided by Spaghetti Against The Wall Consulting. View the video they produced:

Presentations by Karen Kefauver and Chris Burbridge.

Here’s a Social Media Marketing workshop that Karen presented in December, 2012


Here’s Chris, talking about “How To Select and Theme”

And here’s Karen:

Here’s Chris’s slideshare for How to Pick The Right WordPress Theme for Your Project:


Top 10 Facebook Tips for Business You Probably Haven’t Heard About.

Social Media Consultant and Freelance Journalist Karen Kefauver will present ten tips on boosting your Facebook marketing — tips you may not have considered before!

Karen Kefauver has been conducting social media workshops in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area since 2009. She teaches business owners and executives how to effectively use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ for marketing and promotion. With a roster of long-time public relations clients, and a 17-year career as a freelance journalist, Karen has the inside scoop on how to get media attention and how to utilize online markets.