WordPress Meetup October 31, 2012

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Topic of the evening: Rocket Theme demo and SEO by Kathy Long.

The New Old SEO – It’s finally here to stay

Google finally did it. They came down hard on SEO tom-foolery, and now millions of business owners are crying and begging Google to pull them out of their deep pits of despair and restore them to that first page where they think they rightfully belong. But Google isn’t listening.

So where did they go wrong? They followed the advice of their SEO specialist, yet Google seems hell-bent on taking them down. Why? And how can you avoid the same fate?

More importantly, though, what does Google really want, and what is it you can do NOW to get in Google’s good graces and get on their coveted first page where your customers are trying to find you?

Come to this informative and timely presentation to get the answers – once and for all. It’s the new old SEO and it’s finally here to stay.


Your speaker, Kathy Long of Kat & Mouse Co., has over 15 years of experience developing and optimizing websites. She was there when Google first came on the scene, and has witnessed it’s evolution over time from an extremely rudimentary search engine that used a mere 28 algorithms to rank web pages to where it is today, a powerful engine that can approximate human reasoning skills and that is impossible for anyone to reverse engineer.

Her motto has always been, “Stop trying to figure out, then trick, Google. Just give it what it wants.” But, she’ll tell you, it’s now more pertinent – and critical – than ever before.

Here’s recent SlideShare from Kathy:

and this one, too:

And, here’s a cool video that was shot in Santa Cruz, just for fun.