WordPress meetup March 19, 2013

[ezcol_1third]Gregg Franklin from ServerPress showed us how to utilize DesktopServer to save time and mistakes.

DesktopServer can create local development sites, create blueprints (which lets you set up local versions the way you like, including plugins you always use, themes, etc) and deploy them to live sites in just a few minutes.

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Every WordPress developer/designer/website owner has their own stash of tools, plugins and processes that make their life easier and saves them time when developing or managing sites. DesktopServer creates a web server environment on your local computer and allows you to quickly and easily spin up WordPress sites that run locally.

Prior to DesktopServer you would  have to install MAMP, WAMP or XAMPP and configure it yourself for each new site you wanted to run. For non-developers especially it’s not a very user-friendly process, especially if you want to run multiple sites.  Even for developers that have no problem tinkering with Ports, databases and the like, DesktopServer is preferred because it makes the process so much faster. DesktopServer can create a new site with a couple mouse clicks and a few seconds. It installs all the necessary WordPress files and creates the database for you. But that’s just where the awesome begins.