WordPress Meetup for October 19, 2011

6:00 PM at Cruzio & Ecology Action Green Building

Suggested Agenda Items

Join our group!

Christine Damen has suggested a hands-on session to play around with Joomla!, WordPress and Durpal.  Any volunteers?  I can do a quick overview of Joomla, keeping in mind that I’m trending away from Joomla because people find WordPress much easier to use…

Patricia Reed wants info on how to create a custom page template for WordPress. 

Member Mary Shay sent me this in response to Patricia’s request for How To Create a Custom Page Template:

Mary said that there are lots of videos on this topic in Youtube, but this guy does it the way she does it (Part 2 goes into more detail). It helps to know some HTML/CSS/PHP before you attempt this. Also, custom page templates can get more complicated depending on how the original theme is constructed, or if you are working with Thesis or another theme framework. However, because of the options you have with frameworks like Atahualpa, Thesis, etc., a special template may not even be necessary. Here is link to WordPress Codex on this topic.