WordPress Meetup for Wednesday, January 18

Here’s a link to Kathryn’s powerpoint. and her main site to contact her.  And here’s more about the class she will be teaching with Sara.  And here’s that link to a few laughs from Sara re Social Networking.

Here’s the link to LauraLeMay’s Blog re the security issue. I have emailed her to see if she’d be available to talk to our group.  Thanks for the suggestion, John.

Recap of Melody’s Install Topic:

Just For Newbies: How To Install WordPress to your Cruzio Account

  • Start here: http://www.cruzio.com/ and then click “My Website.” Use your login.  You gotta have that or you go nowhere.  In my case, my site is hosted at Cruzio 7: https://host7.cruzio.com:8443/login_up.php3 So that’s what comes up once I login.
  • You should now be at Plesk, the Administrative Software used by Cruzio.  When you login, if you see something different, your site may be using one of the older servers and I don’t recommend installing WordPress until you migrate to a newer server.
  • Click “domains” and make sure that in “Web Hosting Settings” that php support is checked. Once you have clicked on the specific domain where you want to install WordPress, scroll down until you see the Installatron Applications Installer. When you install, it will ask whether you want it to be installed at www or without the www.  You want the install to agree with whatever you’ve chosen for Google Analytics.
  • Install WordPress and note your login/password because you’ll need it.

Things To Remember:  When upgrading, you should accomplish that task inside Cruzio, instead of from your WordPress software.

For Next Time: WordPress Site Decisions & Possible Topics

Here’s a poll:
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Thesis and what else?


Dynamic Content Gallery info and Plugin

Google Analytics:

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Event Calendar/Scheduler and Event Calendar Pro

Fat Footers for Thesis or other WordPress sites?

Custom Footers?


Gravity forms for WordPress

Link to Backup Buddy, a great backup plugin

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