WordPress Meetup February 20, 2013

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Our agenda:

Starting at 6:00 ! Tonight we will have two presentations: Six Essential Web Pages Plus a Demo of the popular drag & drop WordPress theme, PageLines.

6-6:15pm Introductions


Six Essential Web Pages — Website Basics 101 with Sara Isenberg

Do you know which essential pages your business website should have? Sara Isenberg will take you on a tour of the SIX essential pages that your website — any business website — should have. This presentation will cover best practices and conventions about these pages: what are they, why should you have them, and what should be on them.

Sara will also preview the “Boost Your Business” classes coming up in March 2013 through City of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation:

Boost Your Business w/ Pinterest w/ Lydia Snider on Feb 26.
Boost Your Business – Plan Your New Website w/ Sara Isenberg on March 12. This class will include discussion of Sara’s comprehensive checklist to prepare for your online presence.
Boost Your Nonprofit’s Reach w/ Social Media w/ Danny Keith on March 19.

Registration for these classes will open on January 7, 2013. For details, go to: http://saraisenberg.com/classes/

Sara Isenberg is an independent web consultant and project manager. As a web consultant, Sara helps businesses with strategy, planning, and best practices for web projects, blogging, social media marketing, and email marketing. As a project manager, Sara works with businesses and web developers to keep projects on track, and maintain effective communication between clients and developers.

For more about Sara Isenberg Web Consulting & Project Management, visit http://saraisenberg.com. Follow Sara on Facebook at http://facebook.com/saraisenbergconsulting.

The s2Member plugin with Steve Lienhard

Do you want to charge for access to information on your website or blog? The s2Member is a free plugin that allows you to restrict content based on membership. I’ll give a quick run down of the features of this plugin, some of the potential pitfalls, and demonstrate using a live site. Steve worked as a software engineer in Silicon Valley for a number of years. He now runs his own website design and development business and is a member of Cruzioworks. For more information, visit his website.