Since I specialize in affordable sites, many times clients just want “to get something up there” rather than taking the time and extra resources to do things right.  They get overwhelmed (and who wouldn’t?) if they have never had an online presence.  As we develop their site, people get excited, proud, fascinated and ultimately relieved that they now have a place to send people–24/7–where customers and potential customers can find out my client’s basic business info.  Wonderful!  But, really, a website is only the first step.

Once the site is up and running, they start to wonder: “How do I get people to find me now?”  And, once online, they also start getting phone calls and emails from national firms claiming to give them #1 placement in Google if they are willing to fork over big bucks.  If someone makes this claim, they are misrepresenting themselves!  No one can guarantee #1 placement at Google.  And I hate those telephone calls that start with, “We are a data service provider with Google…”  What a mean lie!  Everyone who has a website is providing Google with data/content. 

So, before we jump in, the better route is to do a little planning.  When I work with Patti Bond, for example, she is able to incorporate relevant search terms into your content as your website is being developed.  We can certainly go back in and do some massaging of the content; however, starting out with the right terms and keywords will payoff later (when people can find you) and is up-front money well spent. As soon as your site is launched, it’s also important to optimize your business listings, so here’s a download link to Lia Barrad‘s business listings programs, who can help with this important step.