Social Media & Engagement Marketing: January 19, 2012
Free Seminars by Lia Kay Barrad. and Maggie Barr. It’s time to learn new skills and gain new customers – now. Attend one, attend both. Just be sure to attend. 2012 has not yet begun. Social Media has become an invaluable part of business. These events will show you how to use, engage and gain new business. Practical advise stated in non-techie terms. Whether you are a novice or skilled in marketing, these two back-to-back seminars will enhance your knowledge with skills you can actually use.

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 ABC’s of Your Marketing Makeover
Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 6:30-9:30 PM
NextSpace, 101 Cooper Street, Santa Cruz
Parks & Rec class #15201
Description: How are you going to get customers to buy your products and services? Where will they find you? How will they know what your value is?  Come and get answers to these questions, and leave with a framework for an integrated marketing plan to kickstart your marketing makeover. Co-instructor Sara Isenberg  is a web consultant & project manager who helps clients plan & manage web, social media, and email marketing projects. I’ll be teaching with co-instructor Kathryn Gorges.

And more classes to come, including ABC’s of Planning Your New Site and ABC’s of integrating Social Media.