Here are instructions for setting up hosting/domain registration at SiteGround:

Start by going here:

You’ll see Web Hosting Platform.

You want “Managed WordPress Hosting,” the second box. Click Get Started. (screenshot right)


Once there, you want. “StartUp,” special price $4.99 per month (it’s $14.99 after the first year). Click “Get Plan.” (screenshot right)

You will set up your unique user/password. I’ll need this info to work on your site.

SiteGround will ask you whether you have a domain (your website name is a “domain”) or do you need to purchase a domain? If you don’t, you may purchase a domain via SiteGround for $17 per year.  Their control panel will tell you whether the domain is available and you then have an opportunity to revise as needed if it’s already owned by someone. If you already have a domain but need a temporary “staging” site, I can help or you can ask SiteGround to help you with this. We’ll build the new site on that staging site and then flip the switch when you are ready to launch.

If you already own your domain and it’s just parked, then we will first need to point that domain to SiteGround so we can build it. In that case, I’ll need the user/password for your domain registrar and sometimes we need to collaborate if they block me from logging in for security reasons.  Often they will send a code to your email or phone which I’ll need to add when I login.

If you have a site that is already hosted, then we will first migrate that site with all existing databases, content, images, etc. as the first step.  If you are currently using GoDaddy and need my help, expect 1-2 hours billing while I’m being passed around. So it’s better for you to do as much as you can to get the info I need instead of me listening to their salespeople try to upsell when the best thing you can do is to get as far away from GoDaddy as possible.  Likewise

Bad hosting just ends up costing the client any money they may have “saved” because it takes three times as long to get anything accomplished.  Things break.  They don’t upgrade their technology and try to move you to their new “improved” server for $40 per month.  They charge $90+ per year for a required SSL certificate while at SiteGround it’s free.  Don’t get me started…