Website Design & Development Services

WordPress Development,
Training & Maintenance

WordPress is simple and easy to use; stable and innovative; flexible and offers lots of theme options. You may choose to get trained by the hour and build and update the entire site yourself. Or, perhaps you prefer to have me handle the entire development and updates as needed.  And WordPress websites improve your standing with Google because content can change frequently, making it more highly rated by search engines. Ballpark estimate? It all depends upon just what you need. Simple sites can take a few hours; sites that need additional features can take 20 or 30 hours or more. Are you well organized and have everything ready to go?  It goes fast.  Not the organized type?  That’s okay!  We can work at your own speed and tweak the site until it’s exactly what you had in mind.

Web-Based “Easy”
Site Builder Development

WordPress is a magnificent tool for taking websites to the next level. But, do your eyes glaze over at the mention of plugins and themes? What if you just want a very simple website that you can maintain yourself? While the ads make it sound as though you can have an online presence in minutes (a big fat lie), perhaps an “online website builder” will meet your needs. There are dozens to choose from and I will help you interpret the small print, review themes, and handle tasks that are too boring or complicated to wade through. The nice part is that once that investment is made, the site is secure and should stay that way with minimum maintenance. This service evolved from the newest trends in web site development.

Yes, Even Old-Fashioned
(“HTML”) Maintenance:

Just need fixes or updates to an old site? I charge $75 per hour. The sites are not mobile-friendly but can still function if you rarely change your website. We start by assessing your short-term and longer-term goals, whether you need SEO, help with content or want to provide me with text, images and logo, so we can collaborate and keep costs down.

Value Added Services: I help you navigate the www

  • Updates & Maintenance: Did your web developer disappear? I can help.
  • Search Engine Optimization Packages: Very Basic by me or More Advanced via various colleagues
  • Search Engine Marketing via my colleagues
  • Social Media (e.g., see the link to “Twitter Resources” by Karen Kefauver)
  • Technical Advice: When You’re Not Sure What To Do Next
  • E-commerce via Paypal (cheap), WooCommerce (via WordPress), Shopify (hosted solution)
  • Copywriting/Content Development via my colleagues
  • Branding (positioning, logo development) to complement your new site.