Search Engine Optimization Process

users-for-googleGaining Access to Client Accounts

When we begin working with you, we will ask you to add our Google ID onto your Google Analytics account as an administrator (don’t have a Google ID? Create one). You can add me ( by:

  1. Clicking ‘Admin’ at the top right of your Google Analytics interface.
  2. Clicking into the profile that you want to give me access to.
  3. Clicking the Users tab.
  4. Clicking the ‘+ New User’ button.

Custom Dashboards and Reports

Within Google Analytics, all custom dashboards and reports are tied to individual Google Account IDs. What does this mean? It means if I log in to Google Analytics with my personal Google ID, access a client’s account and create a custom report for them, when the client then logs in to Google Analytics under their own Google ID, they will not see this new custom report. Basically, as a user of Google Analytics, you can only see custom reports and dashboards that have been setup while logged in under your own Google ID.

So how do we get custom dashboard and reports setup for them? We share.

semrushTools We Will Be Using