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I’m a trusted expert, as you can see in the portfolio below. My work expresses what the client wants with perhaps a bit of my creativity mixed in. Feel free to contact anyone you see here. While my passion is to create new sites, I’m also known for making updates quickly…you’ll always hear from me within a few hours. Unlike some website designers and developers, I’m always on it.

Rebuild Skyland Community Church
New Design with Divi: Liliana S. Diaz Family Law
Design with Divi: Green Valley Engineering
Rebuild with WordPress Just Launched
WordPress: Divi New Website
Complete rebuild using WordPress Divi
Azure Skincare (Divi layout)
John R Crawford Studio (Divi Custom Design)
WordPress: Divi Rebuild
Complete rebuild using WordPress Divi of Bridal Veil Fashions
The Santa Cruz Art Center Rebuild From HTML website  (Divi)
SquareSpace re-design
Safari Knockers built with Divi Builder, including eCommerce with Woo
Micropigment Studio using Divi layouts
Complete Rebuild  of their Shopify Website
Safari Signs built with Divi layouts
Pete Schipper (Div Layout)
PrePlan with Patricia using Divi Layouts
Russelldowningphotography (using SmugMug platform for photographers)
Traci Bliss (WordPress: Divi with Premium Theme)
Lost Coast (Divi & Collaboration with Lost Coast)
William James Foundation with Divi Carousel Plugin
Elke & Dennis (Divi layouts)
WordPress Using Divi Layouts
Neti Parekh (Div Layout)
Lyons Marble (WordPress: Divi)
 (Divi layout)
Covid Treatment using Divi Layouts
Rebuild Linda Herman Consulting (WordPress: Divi)
Freedom Rotary (Div Layout)
Tao Performance (Div Premium Theme)
Neti Parekh (Div Layout)
David Moir (Div Layout)
Quill Gordon Mysteries (Divi Plus Premium)
WordPress (Divi)
Gary Pfitzer Portfolio (WordPress Divi Rebuild)
Divi Premium Theme
Arnold Partners (Divi plus Child Theme)
AutoFlood with Divi
Lyons Marble (WordPress: Divi)
TaoQuests (WordPress: Divi)
Claire Thorson Built with Divi
Linda Boroff (Divi with their template)
El Camino Welding (Divi Layout)
SpeechRighter (Divi)
Divi Builder with Premium Theme
Richard Walrod Photography (SquareSpace)
Mugical Morocco (Divi)
Jordan's Hair Salon (WordPress: Divi)
Rebuild HTML Site (WordPress: Divi)
Divi Template: Mora Professional Painting
Five Star Catering (Divi)
Sierra Azul Nursery (WordPress: Divi)
Pacific Firewood (Divi)
Sarah Young Consulting (WordPress)
Diva's Salon & Spa (Divi + child)
Kumaran Design Architect (WordPress: Divi)
HFE Consulting (Divi)
SOS Addiction (Divi WordPress)
Precision Fiducinary Analytics (Wild Apricot Membership Software)
Moss Landing Chamber of Commerce (WordPress)
Tender Blossoms Preschool (WordPress: Divi)
Native Animal Rescue (WordPress)
Alisa Fineman (WordPress)
Heather Glass (WordPress)
Salinas Pump (WordPress: Divi)
Ensemble Monterey (WordPress: Divi)
Ari-Eval (WordPress)
Young Properties (WordPress)
Santa Cruz Deck Seal (WordPress)
Debra Sloss (WordPress)
Nor Cal Trade Show (WordPress)
Distinguished Artists (WordPress)
Marsha Hudson (WordPress)
Artistic Garage (WordPress)
Dance Center (WordPress)
Cooks Bookcase (Shopify)
Christina Waters (WordPress)
Fairounds Foundation (WordPress)
Maxwell Senior Care (WordPress)
Alyn Bartick (WordPress)
Pacific Appraisers (WordPress)
Elaine's Dance Studio (WordPress)
Last Respects Consulting (WordPress)
Laura Sutherland (WordPress)
Trench Safety Anchor (HTML)
Pajaro Valley Shelter (WordPress)
Salazar Glass (WordPress)
Precision Fiduciary (WordPress)
Divi Builder Senior Network Services
Pajaro Valley Historical Association (WordPress)
Thomas Scherer Associates (WordPress)
Deborah Karas Design (HTML)
Critical Incident Team (WordPress)
Clyde FT Small (HTML)
Hasanna Fletcher LMFT (HTML)
Square Space: Next Stage Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz CPA (WordPress)
New Music Works (WordPress)
Cindy Brooks (HTML)
AA site built with Divi
Last Respects Consulting (WordPress)
Body Therapy for All Species (WordPress)
Eugene Schoenfeld (HTML)
Coastwide (HTML)
freitasplusfreitas (HTML)
MF Murray (HTML)
Made With Fun
Friendship Lodge built with Divi
Villa Del Monte Winery (WordPress)
Dana Mackenzie (WordPress)
Varney Business (HTML)
Koppes strawberry plants (HTML)
Replikamaschinen (WordPress)
Bridgette Land Surveying (HTML)
Steve Robertson Music (WordPress)
Van Dyke Organics (HTML)
Me Myself and I Hair Design (HTML)
HTML website
Fran Kaplan (HTML)
Divi Builder
Greg Pio Photography (HTML)
Kellys French Bakery (WordPress)
John Ploeger (FASO)
“I think your website ( is absolutely the best author website I’ve ever visited.  It is so well laid out, the photos are alluring and magnificently presented, and the tones are inviting and yet soothing as well. Kudos and compliments.”