So, just about every client I work for knows that there is something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and that they’ve got to have it. But knowing what it is and how to create successful SEO on a website is no easy task.  It’s complicated! It takes time and patience. In the early years of WordCamp, I actually met Joost de Valk, the father of Yoast. He developed an SEO plugin that is considered the Gold Standard.  While he offers a free version, there is also a premium version that is $90 +/- per year.

I routinely install the free version when I build or rebuild a client’s website. But then comes the arduous task of turning all the red stoplights green for good SEO and readability ratings.

But now, everything is going AI (Artificial Intelligence) and in September, 2023, Yoast said: “Say goodbye to the manual labor of creating SEO-optimized titles and meta descriptions! We’re excited to introduce an AI-powered breakthrough in Yoast SEO 21.0 that transforms how you optimize your content. We’ve harnessed the power of generative AI to bring you effortless title and meta description generation at the click of a button.”

While I’ve been attending presentations and learniing about AI (yes, it can be scary) I must say that using AI for Search Enginine Optimization is a perfect combination.  It will speed things up and make the SEO process less expensive. As Yoast explains, “SEO involves techniques and strategies to rank your site higher in search results. One of them is to have good, catchy titles and relevant meta descriptions that appeal both to readers and search engines.” And he goes on to stress that the challenges are real. “Manually crafting these pieces of content can be tedious, and time-consuming and may require an advanced understanding of SEO. This is where our new feature steps in.”

While AI is by no means perfect and still requires a human touch, it kick-starts the process.  I’m all in.  Let me know if I can help improve your SEO with this new tool in our toolbox. It does require the Premium version of Yoast; however, this new feature makes it worth the price.