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Link to Our Monthly WordPress Meetup here.  Join our meetup group and network with other WordPress users.

Missed a Meeting or need help? See links to specific past meetup Resource Pages:

October, 2015.  Here’s a link to Brook’s presentation from our October 28th, 2015 meeting.

September 23, 2015: Two-factor authentication plugin demo

May 28, 2014: Earn Income From Your Blog or Website | Plus Local SEO

April 23, 2014: Match the Right Theme/Developer for Your Project

March 19, 2014: ServerPress

December 11, 2013: Planning for Success

September 18, 2013: Take Your Run-of-the-Mill, Ho Hum SEO to the Next Level

August 21, 2013: 10 Simple Ways To Improve the User Experience of Your WordPress Site

July 17, 2013: Woo Themes by Laura Rinaldi

May 15, 2013: Measure WordPress Performance & Improve Local SEO

meetupApril 17, 2013: Tips To Make Developing Your Website Fun Instead of Scary

March, 2013: Events Calendar and Branding Plugin

February, 2013: Six Essential Steps Plus s2Member plugin

January, 2013: Headway Theme Plus SEO

December, 2012: Genesis Framework from Studio Press

November, 2012: Bring Your Own Site

October, 2012: Kathy Long, The New Old SEO plus Rocket Theme’s Gantry WordPress Framework

September, 2012: Chris Burbridge, How to Select a Theme and Karen Kefauver, Facebook Tips

August, 2012: Kathryn Gorges, Directory Plugin and Brian Childers, Google Authorship

July, 2012: Sara Smith on Customizing a Theme

June, 2012: John Brewer on WordPress Security

April, 2012: Ten WordPress Tips from Melody

March, 2012: Blogger Bill Belew, The Traffic Professor

February, 2012: Favorite Themes

January, 2012: How To Install WordPress

November, 2011: Steve Penny on SEO

October, 2011: How To Create a Custom Page

September, 2011: Fonts on the Web, Theme Suggestions, Gallery Plugins