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Not Ready For Prime Time?

What to do if you want to install WordPress and get things going fast?  Things can evolve…but sometimes they don’t evolve fast enough or your client decides that they want to change their mind?  There’s a plugin for that.  This one is $23 but they do offer a free version that says “down for maintenance.” […]

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This week’s favorite plugin

What happens when you have a “staging site” at any hosting service and then launch?  Well, sometimes things go smoothly and then–often–all links don’t update so you end up with “missing image” errors.  Bummer. But, like so many things in WordPress, “there’s a plugin for that!” As their developers says: “One common problem with moving […]

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Help! WordPress Sites Were Hacked

Several of my clients’ WordPress sites got hacked during the past week. Symptoms: You click somewhere blank on your web page and it will go to some spammy site or other, different ones each time.The folks at Cruzio are taking steps but here are some resources and recommendations from them: Read this article. This is […]

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The Next “Bright and Shiny” Object

So enjoyed Kathy Long’s presentation at Business Professionals of Santa Cruz County.  Along with all her solid advice regarding the  all-important signals you still need to have on your website to assure Google you are relevant and how to create them she showed us her site.  Way cool.  I am going to set up […]

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