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I’ve been in Santa Cruz County since 1981, designing and maintaining websites since 1996. You can be confident of my skills (yes, I’m delighted that your nephew builds websites, too!)  because as a business owner myself, I want to help you grow your business. Melody Sharp Web Design has developed more than 125 sites–from standard HTML to WordPress CMS–but specializes in collaborating with smaller clients and nonprofits to give them a unique and successful online presence.

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Getting Set Up With Google Local

google-localGoogle has been working to make things easier for people who want to verify a local business on Google but that doesn’t mean it isn’t time consuming and frustrating! Add to that, when trying to help a client set up their local business, Google sets up all kinds of roadblocks in an effort to make sure they are communicating with the rightful owner.

To add your local business to Google My Business, you must have a mailing address and meet their quality guidelines. Local Google+ pages are designed for businesses that serve a particular locale. Local restaurants, hotels, dentists, hardware stores, plumbers, or repair shops, for example, are eligible to create a local page.

If you’d like to promote a brand, product, organization, or any other entity without an address, you should instead create a brand page.  It’s a four-step process.

You know your business best, so the most cost-effective method is to follow this link.

You will first need to get verified by Google

verifyWhat is a verification code? Google verifies individual businesses primarily using one of two methods: phone verification or postcard verification. In each case, Google sends businesses a unique 5-6 digit verification code, either by postcard or over the phone, so that they can confirm the business owner’s affiliation with this business. Once Google has verified that affiliation, you will be able to provide users with accurate, up-to-date business information. Each verification code sent is unique to your business account and the particular listing for which you’re requesting verification.

If you choose to engage with a third party (like me and my colleagues) to help manage your business on Google, Google says you should not share your own verification code with us. Your code is unique to your business account and should only be used by that account. In order to share management of your business’s listing with a trusted third party, follow these steps: Verify your listing and enter your verification code into the dashboard yourself; don’t give your code to any third parties. Once you’ve completed verification, you can add a trusted third-party partner as a manager of your page. You may then choose to transfer ownership of the listing to that third-party.

To verify a local business on Google you need to navigate to Google My Business.

If you need my help, the best way is for us to arrange a phone chat (831-685-8318) so that you can follow the steps on your own computer and all the right emails are recognized within your software.  Please email me with any questions or to set up a convenient time when we can set aside some quality time to take care of this.

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